Approximately 27,000 Bahamian adults

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This year’s theme for World Diabetes Day is ‘Education to Protect Tomorrow’

Photo of The Nassau Guardian The Nassau Guardian Send an email November 15, 2022


About 27,000 adults have been diagnosed with diabetes in The Bahamas, according to Nurse Anita Cates, who is a part of ACE Diabetes.

That translates to about nine percent of the adult population in The Bahamas (290,000).

However, she said the scarier part is the number of Bahamians walking around with diabetes who have no idea that they have the chronic disease.

Cates, along with Dario Charlton, who is living with type 1 diabetes, appeared as guests on Guardian Radio show, ‘Morning Blend’, with host Dwight Strachan, to bring awareness to the disease that can cause a wide range of health issues.

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