Sub-Dealer and Installer Licence Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Dealer 

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A Dealer / Sub-Dealer licence is required if anyone desires to conduct business in the LPG field with regard to storing, filling, selling or transporting liquefied petroleum gas.

An Installer licence is necessary if a person or company desires to connect or disconnect any container to or from an installation, or engage in the installation or maintenance of a container, piping or appliance.


Anyone interested in becoming an Appliance Dealer or Installer.

Complete and submit the application form along with the required documents listed below, to the Ministry of Works & Urban Development or local administrator. Freeport applications are submitted to the Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited.
The Ministry of Works & Urban Development will process the application.
Once approval has been granted a licence issue fee is assessed.
The licence is then prepared for issue.
Applicants are notified via telephone that licence has been approved and can be collected upon payment of licence fee.
The applicant then makes final payment and collects the licence at the Control Division of the Ministry of Works & Urban Development. Family Island applicants collect approved licence and make final payment at the local government office.

Note: The application may be refused or additional information requested at any stage of the application process. The applicant is informed of any queries in writing via postal mail. The application will not move forward unless the requested information is supplied.
Application Form(s) 

Form 1, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act 1988, Licence Application Form: Dealer / Sub-Dealer, Installer and Container Rebuilding Licences
Form 2, Certificate of Insurance, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer, Installer or Rebuilder may be collected at the offices specified below

Supporting Documents 

Evidence that at least two persons in the undertaking are holders of Certificates of Competency, one of whom has been actively engaged in the LPG industry for at least three years.
Dealer and Sub dealer only - a permit shall be taken out for the relevant drawings detailing all buildings on site and location of all LPG storage containers. Included in drawings shall be complete details of LPG installation.
The applicant shall also provide a written statement from:
an insurance firm carrying on business in The Bahamas to the effect that the applicant be granted a licence, insurance coverage by the firm in accordance with Regulation 18 would thereupon become effective in relation to the applicant and his employees; or
a financial institution carrying on business in The Bahamas to the effect that upon the grant to the applicant of a licence a bond would become effective in accordance with Regulation 18 in respect of the due discharge of any of the obligations or liabilities of the applicant arising by virtue of his being a licensee.

Turn-around time 
A Dealer/Sub dealer Licence is processed within six to eight weeks following the submission of all documents. An Installer Licence is processes within two to three weeks following the submission of all documents. Please note that this may vary based on external agency requirements.
There are no deadlines for this service.
Related Fee(s) 

A fee of BS$300.00 is payable for a Dealer’s Licence.
A fee of BS$150.00 is payable for a Sub-Dealer's Licence.
A fee of BS$30.00 is payable for an Installer's Licence.

For more information please contact 

Buildings Control Division
Ground Floor
John F Kennedy Drive
New Providence
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 302-9511
Fax. (242) 302-9765
Office Hours: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Freeport applicants may contact
The Grand Bahama Port Authority
Pioneers Way & East Mail
PO Box F-42666
Grand Bahama
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 350-9000
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